The Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP) is a Philadelphia based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving outcomes for youth in the adult criminal justice system. Specifically, YSRP provides mitigation support to court-appointed attorneys on behalf of children facing adult charges, and we help children and their families plan for reentry throughout the court and incarceration processes. Our unique approach considers reentry into the community before sentencing even occurs.  At YSRP, we focus on more than the outcome of a criminal case; we focus on the outcome of the individual child.

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YSRP Quoted in Fordham Urban Law Journal

YSRP co-founder Lauren Fine was quoted in City Square by the Fordham Urban Law Journal in the article, "Are states rethinking how they charge juvenile defendants?"  The article describes how the process of charging a child in the adult criminal justice system can lead to dangerous situations for young people, and specifically quotes Fine in explaining that in states like…

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Children in Adult Prison: What a New Nonprofit is Doing to Humanize our Justice System

According to the Campaign for Youth Justice, approximately 250,000 youth are tried, sentenced, or incarcerated in the adult criminal justice system each year. As a result of the collateral consequences of these adult convictions, children sentenced in the adult system have diminished access to economic opportunity and limited resources dedicated to successful reintegration to the community. Based out of Philadelphia, the Youth Sentencing &…

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YSRP scheduled to speak at Delaware County Bar Association

SAVE THE DATE: YSRP cofounders Joanna Adjoian, Esquire and Lauren Fine, Esquire will be guest speakers at the Delaware County Bar Association on Thursday, February 12th 2015. The meeting will be conducted at 12:30 p.m. and located on 335 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063. "Founded in 1872, the Delaware County Bar Association is an organization of lawyers established to…

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YSRP quoted in Philadelphia Inquirer

YSRP was quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer in reaction to the case of Zaria Estes, who was sentenced at age 16 to serve 2.5 to 6 years in a Pennsylvania prison. YSRP does not believe the community's needs, or Zaria's needs, will be met by the adult prison system, despite the tragic nature of the offense and the devastating impact on the victim…

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