At YSRP, we improve outcomes of criminal cases and, most important, we improve the outcomes of individual children’s lives.

The Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP) is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive support to kids prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system. We have two goals:

1.  Help lawyers with low-income clients get their cases transferred from the adult criminal justice system to the juvenile justice system; and

2.  Help connect youth and their families with existing community resources and programs, so they have access to education, healthcare, stable housing and job placement.

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YSRP Featured by the Barra Foundation

In "Better outcomes for kids facing time in adult prisons; Redirecting the future for kids facing adult prison sentences," the Barra Foundation profiles YSRP's work. "Imagine spending your life in prison for a dreadful mistake you made at the most reckless time of your life—when you were a teenager, maybe even younger. Imagine having no opportunity to explain that mistake in…

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United States Supreme Court Declares Miller v. Alabama Retroactive

In the case of Montgomery v. Louisiana, the United States Supreme Court declared thatMiller v. Alabama applies retroactively. This means that the approximately 2,500 people serving life without the possibility of parole sentences imposed when they were children are entitled to be resentenced. This also means relief for approximately 540 Pennsylvanians who were condemned to die in prison as children.…

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