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YSRP Participates in REFORM Philly Event

The Philadelphia Tribune, in its March 13, 2018 article, lifts up many of the problems endemic to Philadelphia’s criminal justice system that were raised at the Justice League NYC’s REFORM event, held at the University of Pennsylvania: excessive cash bail, police corruption and misconduct, lengthy parole terms.

The article quotes YSRP Co-Director Joanna Visser Adjoian, who appeared on a panel that night, speaking about the change we need to see in the treatment of children in the adult criminal justice system:

We would like to see real progress around moving the kids that are sitting in adult jails out of the facilities that are not designed for kids.

Criminal Defense Attorney and civil rights icon Bryan Stevenson
Panel of local criminal justice reformers
Rev. Sharpton, Meek Mill's mother, and his attorney
Joanna Visser Adjoian, Reggie Shuford & Rev. Holston

At the event, Co-Director Joanna Visser Adjoian joined a stellar line-up of speakers, including noted civil rights leaders Bryan Stevenson and Reverend Al Sharpton. Local criminal justice reform leaders Reggie Shuford of the ACLU-PA, YSRP Advisory Board member Brad Bridge of the Defender Association of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Professor Marie Gottschalk, YSRP Advisory Board Member and JLUSA leader Reuben Jones, and Reverend Greg Holston of POWER added to robust panel discussions.

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