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Norman Bryant is Resentenced after 32 Years in Prison

The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled Norman Bryant, a juvenile lifer who was resentenced on Thursday, January 5, 2017, after 32 years in prison. Click here to read the full article covering Norman’s resentencing hearing. YSRP is honored to have served as mitigation specialists in Norman’s case, along with his attorneys Mira Baylson and Jenna Poligo, who handled the case pro bono from the law firm of Drinker, Biddle & Reath. Baylson is quoted in the article, in referring to Norman’s youth with regard to the nature of his charges in the adult criminal legal system, as stating: “I feel that if this had happened today, he wouldn’t have been in the adult system….There was no intent to commit murder. There was no violence. He didn’t even know the victim was there until after she had passed away.” We are grateful that Norman’s story has finally been shared — in a courtroom and now with the community — and look forward to welcoming him home soon. As his supporters beautifully testified to in court on January 5th, Norman has enhanced every institution at which he has been housed, and will similarly be a huge asset to our community once he gets here. We are saddened that it look 32 years for Norman to receive his fair day in court, but as Norman himself said, what can change now is what he does going forward.
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