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Juwan Bennett & John Pace Present on Reentry and Partnership to Impact100 Philadelphia

YSRP Reentry Coordinators Juwan Bennett and John Pace joined members of Impact100 Philadelphia at their November 10, 2020 Fall Education series to discuss the work of reentry, partnership and intergenerational healing in the time of COVID-19. In conversation with Monica Justice, Vice President of Impact100 Philly, John & Juwan spoke about the work made possible with a 2019 core mission grant from Impact100:  the launch of Intergenerational Healing Circles, which bring together young people who have had contact with the adult criminal justice system, and former Juvenile Lifers, to heal, build community and build power. In the hour-long video, John & Juwan discuss how YSRP’s values as a racial justice organization shape the scope and content of the Intergenerational Healing Circles, and our approach to reentry partnership.

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