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YSRP Co-Director Lauren Fine on Social Entrepreneur Podcast

Social Entrepreneur Podcast’s Tony Loyd interviewed YSRP’s Co-Director Lauren Fine about YSRP’s work. Click above to listen to the full 27-minute episode, in which Tony asks Lauren about YSRP’s mission, innovative model and lessons that all social entrepreneurs can learn from YSRP. In the episode, Fine states:
A small thing that everyone can do, even if you are not involved in criminal justice or politics, is to be sensitive and thoughtful about language. Language has a lot of power, so I don’t choose to use words like ‘offender,’ or ‘juvenile delinquent,’ or ‘thug,’ or ‘criminal’ in describing someone. I use language that is more accurate in representing a whole person….If we think about the language that we’re using, it actually has a lot of power in terms of shaping responses to people and to situations that can…move us all forward as a society.
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