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Senator Casey Commends YSRP’s Work on Solitary

In “It’s long past time to end solitary confinement for juvenile offenders,” United States Senator Bob Casey urges an end to solitary confinement for youth. He notes that juvenile solitary confinement should be eliminated for many reasons, including that it “serves no public safety goal,” and “hurts the kids the system is supposed to help.”  Senator Casey powerfully shared that, “as a father,” his “heart breaks imagining any child locked up, alone and scared, in a fluorescently lit room with cold linoleum floors and bare concrete walls.” Senator Casey also noted that
we have made progress, thanks in large part to the excellent work of organizations like the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center and the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, as well as campaigns like Stop Solitary for Kids, among others.
Thank you, Senator Casey, for your leadership on this issue. Read the full article here
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