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In Partnership, YSRP Launches Care, Not Control Campaign to End Youth Incarceration in PA

Graphics by Konyin Ayuba on Instagram @_sailor_goon

With our partners at The Village of Arts and Humanities, Juvenile Law Center and Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project (YASP), YSRP launched the Care, Not Control campaign in October 2020. Care, Not Control calls on Pennsylvania’s justice system and other government leaders to end youth incarceration and reinvest in community supports. The campaign is made up of young people and youth advocates working to not just end inhumane, ineffective and racist practices, but also to build a new world where every young person has a chance to thrive. Together, as campaign members, we have developed a vision for, and action steps toward, ending youth incarceration in Pennsylvania. Two of YSRP’s youth client-partners play leadership roles in this campaign, articulating from their own lived experience what a system that actually supports young people could look like.

Youth leaders presented the campaign’s demands at a meeting of the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Task Force, a statewide group of legislators and stakeholders that will provide the Governor with data-driven policy recommendations for youth justice in the 2021 session of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

To learn more about the Care, Not Control campaign, and to read the full set of our demands, visit:

To support the Care, Not Control campaign, follow along @CareNotControl on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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