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YSRP’s John Pace on The Jawncast Podcast from KYW Newsradio

YSRP’S Senior Reentry Coordinator John Pace was featured in the latest episode of The Jawncast from KYW Newsradio, highlighting our partners at Triple Bottom Brewing and their Fair Chance hiring model. Triple Bottom guarantees a living wage to its employees who face barriers to employment, particularly due to past experience with the justice system. In the podcast, John Pace says, of his experience working with client-partners,

[t]he employer, after doing a background check, will say: ‘I really like you. Unfortunately, your background didn’t check out.’ And so, despite the fact that you had an impressive interview, because of that record, you won’t get this opportunity.

It’s like this scarlet letter you have on you because of that simple fact that you have a felony. People stigmatize you, thinking that you’re not worthy of this opportunity [to work].”

Click to listen to the full episode above, which also features community leader, Triple Bottom employee, and former Juvenile Lifer Courtney Boyd.

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