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Liberation. Leadership. Legacy.

Each day, we are inspired by the way each of our client-partners lives these words. They’re achieving liberation─physical, mental, and collective ─displaying leadership in their own lives, and creating a positive legacy for themselves, their families, and their communities. We want you to be inspired, too. Join us in celebrating our client-partners by reading, sharing, and giving during our end-of-year campaign. Consider making a gift today.

Shariff and Dara’s Next Chapter

Dara Ingram, along with her mother Ruby, always knew that incarceration was not the end of her brother Shariff’s story. Shariff left prison in September 2020 after nearly 23 years of incarceration. That moment was profound for Shariff and for Dara.   For Shariff, it was a moment to begin anew, enjoying freedoms long imagined.…

Imean’s Story

Imean loves to learn about things he can’t physically see. His mind soars into other dimensions, in spite of the roadblocks he’s faced. At 15, Imean was arrested, for the first time in his life and charged as an adult. Almost as soon as YSRP engaged with him and his attorney, Imean’s case was decertified, or moved to the juvenile justice system. And, after spending a year in adult jail, Imean came home this Spring.

Just A Child

Incarceration doesn’t just punish individuals. It causes harm to entire family systems. Christina was sixteen when she made a poor decision. The outcome was something she could never, at the time, have imagined. Facing incarceration in the adult legal system, YSRP began working with Christina to move her case to the juvenile court. But, these processes take time.

Words Matter

Charging a child as an adult does not make them an adult. Kameron, for nine months, was incarcerated in an adult facility. And, in the end, with support from his attorney and YSRP, he was acquitted. For nine months, he – while presumed innocent – was incarcerated amongst adults. Unjustly. Unacceptably. Inexplicably.

A Time For Transition

Though inspired by significant successes and gathering momentum, it recently became clear that we as an organization are ready for our next chapter. After a period of deep contemplation, Joanna and Lauren will end their time as YSRP’s leaders on January 31, 2022.

Dark Nights, Bright Stars

Always aiming to please the various adults who came in and out of her life, Imena tried her best to make others happy. But, succeeding wasn’t easy; the rules weren’t always clear. Now, at home and entering adulthood, Imena is focused on more important things: “My goal [is] making myself happy in life. I keep going [because of] the things I still have left to do.” For Imena, that’s liberation.

Faith Restored

In 2019, Tamika’s faith was rewarded when the U.S. Supreme Court issued opinions that made her release a possibility. In partnership with Tamika and her dedicated legal team, YSRP worked to prepare a report that gave the prosecutor and judge more context about her life, and an actionable plan for her long-anticipated release from prison.

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