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Kempis Songster, also known as Ghani, works as the Program Manager of Restorative Justice Diversion with the Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project. Before moving to Philadelphia, Ghani spent seven years in Trinidad & Tobago and eight years as an honor student in Brooklyn. After running away from home, Ghani turned to drug sales. This led to a 30+ year prison sentence that started at the age of just 15. During his time inside, Ghani worked to regain his humanity and moral rectitude to advocate for the humanity of others. Since his release, he has been active in the fight for a more livable world. In addition to his work with the Speakers Bureau, Ghani serves as the Lead Facilitator for YSRP’s Intergenerational Healing Circles, which is a space for those who have been directly impacted by youth incarceration to share experiences and resources.

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