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Young Friends of YSRP engages dedicated young professionals to support the critical mission of YSRP. Through participation as a Young Friend, members have the opportunity to volunteer their time, skills, and resources to increase awareness of the challenges faced by kids in the adult criminal justice system and to raise funds for YSRP.  Young Friends also benefit from having the opportunity to network socially and professionally within a group of their peers and demonstrate their commitment to eliminating the practice of sentencing children as adults.  

OUR MISSION: Young Friends of YSRP’s Mission is to strengthen the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP)’s impact by promoting its positions and accomplishments in the public arena; to secure organizational and individual financial resources through fundraising activities; and to facilitate young professional pro bono support and participation in YSRP initiatives.

YSRP’s MISSION: The Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project (YSRP) uses direct service and policy advocacy to transform the experiences of kids prosecuted in the adult criminal justice system. We partner with court-involved youth, their families, and lawyers to develop holistic, humanizing narratives that mitigate the facts of each case; get cases transferred to the juvenile system; and make crucial connections to community resources providing education, healthcare, housing, and employment. Our ultimate goal is to keep children out of adult jails and prisons.

  • Advocate for elimination of the practice of sentencing children as adults
  • Promote YSRP visibility
  • Connect YSRP to resources — both financial and in-kind
  • Participate in fundraising projects and programs
  • Educate the general public as well as elected and appointed officials about YSRP initiatives and projects

GOALS & EXPECTATIONS: Young Friends expects its members to use their individual creativity and resources to help YSRP and contribute toward its continued success.  Membership requirements include:
  • Attend bi-annual meetings
  • Participate in at least one of the Young Friends Committees
  • Give or obtain an annual contribution of at least $100.00 per fiscal year (July 1-June 30)
  • Bringing a passion and interest in juvenile justice, criminal justice and YSRP’s Mission.

For a more detailed description of membership expectations click here. GET INVOLVED: Click here to view the Young Friends Member Expectations to see if you may be able to contribute. Membership is available on a rolling basis, and we’re always interested in meeting enthusiastic individuals seeking to champion the YSRP mission.  If you’ve read the Member Expectations and would like to seek membership to Young Friends of YSRP, please download an application form and email your completed application to the Young Friends Membership Committee at
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