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Client-Partner Norman Bryant Featured by BBC

We shared our excitement when Norman Bryant, one of YSRP’s first juvenile lifer client-partners, was resentenced last January and then came home after 32 years of incarceration last April. Since then, he has helped us train new mitigation volunteers, has been a trusted advisor and colleague, and helped us fundraise as we navigate how to best support our client-partners coming home from many years of incarceration. The BBC began speaking with Norman before he left prison, and has captured his journey of and from incarceration to the community on a newly-released documentary short called, “Life after life:  ‘They wanted me to die in prison.'” The film attempts to capture how Norman is dealing with adjusting to living in Philadelphia as an adult, after having been incarcerated since he was a child. Norman wanted to participate in this project in the hopes that sharing his experience might help others who come behind him. This is characteristic of his spirit of generosity, humility, and thoughtfulness. We are lucky to know and work with Norman. Watch the full video here.  
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